Do not pay for a loan in advance

When a lender wants a high fee in advance, you probably don’t have the honor of being solvent.

When someone wants money for the service in advance, we should be wondering what the business is. In the non-bank lending segment, such behavior is even very suspicious, bordering on a brazen attempt by a fraudster who only wants to turn you for money. Therefore, be careful and certainly do not give money a chance if you do not know who you are honored with. Thanks to the Internet, you can easily verify everything in just a few minutes.


Why pay for something that goes without saying?

loan payment

You don’t need to pay for air. Nor is it necessary today to pay in advance for a non-bank loan. The only exception is a verification fee, which shows that this or that account is really yours. In this case, but it is a single dollar, so of course, you will not lose anything, the fee is, moreover, refundable. Therefore, also beware of loans from private individuals, where you can not effectively verify many things. Advertising in the press or on the Internet is often just a phone number or name, you do not see the ID number and other details of the provider otherwise provided by non-banking companies or banks on their websites. Finally, there is no reason not to be completely transparent and not to show that potential clients have nothing to fear. However, private lenders often do not calculate this.


What does a typical unfair loan look like?

What does a typical unfair loan look like?

You can see the opaque offer literally today and daily. They are mostly loans from private individuals. How do they manifest themselves? And what does its providers say? Similar things are literally similar to eggs eggs, it is usually said that.

  • Provider does not mind that you do not work. Confirmation of income is required for solvent firms – it only shows you that you have to repay in the future without any problems.
  • You will not be exposed to unnecessary questions. Certainly, even non-banking companies today have administration to a minimum, but income needs to be verified and basic personal facts about the applicant as well.
  • You will receive a fairly high sum of money without a guarantor or material pledge. And it is not just about a few thousand dollars, as with ordinary micro-credit – but rather hundreds of thousands.

And, of course, we could go on, you can usually find similar offers in online discussions as a standard post where you don’t have to pay for advertising – and the provider is essentially anonymous. In the vast majority of cases, this is a private person, not a standard business person with an ID number, who has a personal website, let alone a company that deals directly with non-bank loans. Although the new legislation tightens the conditions for loans and meets the needs of consumers, it is true that our company will have to deal with this problem for a long time. Namely, private lenders respond to the long-term demand of those who do not have a job or live in hostels and so on.


There are also nonsensical charges

loan payment

Loans from private providers are characterized by fees that do not sound rational at first sight. Usually they are in the order of thousands of dollars, which you have to pay in advance – to learn that you can not get the loan for some reason. Thorough screening of the applicant, credit intermediation, verification fee, all of this can require a lot of money. But you have no obligation to pay them, because putting money in advance is very risky, not only in the world of non-bank loans. Much better will be the classic non-bank variant, with which you have money in your account. Minimum administrative formalities, but above all also confidentiality from the wider surroundings. Nobody needs to know you’re taking out a loan, right? Such a thing should stay in your apartment, on your computer monitor.

Unfortunately, you will not get a loan with execution

If you are in the middle of a distrainment procedure, the loan options are really scarce.

In the Czech Republic annually increasing share of foreclosures and it certainly does not seem that he should turn this trend. If you are going through some execution, we may not be pleased, because you can practically forget about a loan in the banking and non-banking sector. Frozen bank account, close supervision of the executor over all financial flows, execution on salary. Unfortunately, there is no alternative in this case.


Arrange a repayment schedule with an executor

Arrange a repayment schedule with an executor

If you want a bank loan, the client’s creditworthiness is crucial. Therefore, you do not come here at all, so it is completely unnecessary to act like this. Moreover, the execution takes quite a long time and the maneuverability is limited. Even the non-banking sector will not help you, you cannot get through this condition. Simply, you can be in the debtors register because of the unpaid bills for the phone, but the execution procedure is already too strong coffee. There is no guarantee that you can repay the loan in good order, so unfortunately every application will be rejected.


First, execution, then non-bank loan

bank loan

You must have everything resolved and completed before you can start thinking about a non-bank loan. It is simply impossible to get financial help when you are going through a difficult execution – at least by a conventional bank or non-bank form. Forget about lending to a private lender, as a similar step would mean an early fall into a debt trap that you may not get out of at all. You don’t usually know anything about that person, and it’s definitely not wise to put your trust right here. Consider the so-called personal bankruptcy, which will be a long-distance run, but you will see a bright light at the end of the tunnel. You can then easily borrow money if you need it.


The entire procedure can take months

Execution is simply for a long time, it is known to all who have someone around them just about – or go through a similar matter, so to speak, firsthand. It is a huge onslaught on the psyche, even for the rest of the family, who is undergoing a similar process with the debtor. For each provider it would be a very risky investment, so you understand that a similar chance is completely zero. The loan will only be possible when you finally settle your debts, including personal bankruptcy, which will, however, last for several long years. What else should you know about the execution procedure?

  • It is governed by the currently valid Civil Code. His novel was published four years ago.
  • You are entitled to one-time withdrawals from your account every month, up to 6820 Czech dollars.
  • Upon agreement on the repayment schedule of debts, the bailiff can re-unblock your account.

The first free loan will not apply to the execution on your neck, but if you wait a long time and solve all current problems with debt, you can certainly use it in the future. Its charm lies mainly in the fact that you do not have to deal with the interest rate – you simply borrow money as a new client and pay it to the dollar precisely by a specified date. Yes, that’s right, you only pay the principal.


As for the register, we do not address it at all

loan register

However, a loan without consulting the registers is possible with us! So if you have an entry in the debtors register for a phone or electricity bill and you’re afraid of not getting a loan, you’re fortunately wrong. Money spent on extracts from the register generally does not pay much to non-banking companies, especially when it comes to a loan of several thousand dollars. It is sufficient to support everything with permanent income, or to submit the last three monthly statements of bank account and everything can soon be confirmed.